Local 12
Amalgamated Units
        AMALGAMATED  UNITS                                      CHAIRPERSONS
  Acme Specialty                                                     Ron Adair
  Aramark                                                                  Johnny Jones
  Bohl Equipment                                                   Duke Dilbone
  City of Rossford                                                   Lisa Kolb      
  Conforming Matrix                                               Rick Gartee
  Lucas County  EMS                                             Kayla Leamy
  Hinkle Mfg                                                              Joan Adamson
  Kuka                                                                        Doug Dye
  Innoggistics                                                           Josh Show
  Jeep Country Federal Credit Union                Rosalind Arscott
  Johnson Controls Battery                                 Corey Humbarger
  Johnson Controls Northwood                         Wayne Truitt
  Kern-Liebers,USA                                                Mike Boles
  Glass City Federal Credit Union                       Lisa DiLabbio
  Local 12 offices                                                    Mary Jo Robinson
  Toth Industries                                                      Dave McCarthy
  T.T.L.                                                                        Kerry Conrad
  Toledo Wire Products                                         Denny Jeyco
  GT  Technologies                                                 David Bowles                           
  Toledo Molding and Die                                     Rich Crayon II
  Toledo Municipal Clerk of Courts                    Kim Barker
  Toledo Metro Federal Credit Union                 Julie Walker
  St. Vincent Tech.                                                  Denise Barber-Cook
  St. Vincent Support                                             Hope Funches
  Ronfeldt Associates                                            Denny Thompson
  PIC                                                                           April Toliver
  Pexco Packaging                                                 Jim Smith
  Ransom & Randolph                                          Gene Braun
  Peterson Spring                                                   Bryan Beach
  Mobis                                                                       Jon Zapf
  Lucas County 911                                                Eric Klavinger
  Lucas County Auditors Dept                            Lisa Torgerson
  Lucas County Clerk of Courts                          Sharon Rudess          
  Lucas County Sheriff RNS / LPNS                   Denise Luettke
  Metal Forming & Coining                                   
  National Super Service                                       Dean Briones
  Lucas County Auditors Supervisors              John Navarre
  Caravan Knights                                                  Jeanelle Clayton
  Oakley Sub Assembly                                         Blaine Hineline
  Rossford City Employees                                  Lisa Kolb