Welcome to UAW Local 12, Region 2-B

Local 12 became a chartered Local within the UAW on January 1, 1936.   As was the case then, Local 12 remains an amalgamated local union.  An "amalgamated local" means that the local's  total membership consists of more than one worksite, or Unit.

Currently, Local 12 represents members from over 50 diverse companies, with operations ranging from automobile assembly, parts production, health care, financial institution job settings, food service employees as well as office and professional workers.

Local 12 has approximately 10,000 members and over 4000 retirees, which presently makes us the third largest local union in the UAW.

We are located at: 2300 Ashland Ave. Toledo, Ohio 43620   Phone  #419-241-9126  Get Directions